Add a Post, Page, or Link

Add a Post

  1. When you are logged in, you’ll see the Dashboard/Site Admin area.
    1. Click the Posts → Add New menu.
      1. Type a descriptive title.
        • Leave out dates; they can go in the first line of the Post.
      2. Type news in the main editing box.
        • Type who, what, when, where, how, and why.
        • Add more detail if needed.
        • Use the spell-check icon to improve your writing.
        • If you have lists in your writing, use the bullet and numbered list icons to make your post easier to read.
      3. Save after a few minutes of typing.
      4. Add embedded linksto outside resources. For example, link to:
        • Affiliations and organizations
        • Articles
        • Books for sale
        • Other people’s web sites.
        • Pages and posts within your site.
      5. Add images.
    2. Add or choose Categories.
      • The default category is redefined in the Categoriesarea.
        • Add as many as you like and set the Parent on each one if you want subcategories.
      • For each Post, choose one or more Categories so the article will show up in the Categories menu in the live view.
    3. Add or choose Tags.
      • Tags describe an article/Post in more detail. This information helps search engines index your posts in the most appropriate list.
      • If you use the sames Tags often, then you can choose them from the list, or just type/add them.
    4. Publish the Post to make it live.
      • If not, then your administrator will review and publish for you.
  2. View your Post.
    • When a Post is published, a View Post link will appear near the title. Click it to view your post live.
    • Read the article for typos and missing information.
    • Click on the menu that would get you to that post to ensure it shows up.
    • Most new posts are set to show up on the Home page above the last post, so check there to ensure it shows up as expected.
  3. Click the Edit link to make changes.
    • When logged in and in the live viewing mode, click the Edit link, which appears near the headline end of the article.

Add a Page

The process is the same for making a post except you will click on the Pages →Add New button.

  • Pages show up in a different menu than posts.
    • If your theme uses a custom menu, you might need to add the new page to the menu by editing in the Appearance → Menus screen.

Add a Link

If your site lists links to affiliates in a separeate Post, Page, or Sidebar Widget, then to add a new one:

  1. Go to the page of another site that you want to link to.
    • Copy the address from the Address Bar.
  2. Click the Links → Add Newmenu.
    • Paste the address into the Web Address field.
    • Type the name of the article/web site into the Name field.
    • Type the author’s name, publisher, and date of the article into the Description field.
    • Add/choose a Link Categoryfor the Link.
      • These categories are different from the Post Categories.
    • Choose _blank from the Target menu IF the link is NOT in your web site.
      • If the link IS in your web site, do not choose anything from the Target menu.
  3. Publish.

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