Add Research Articles

For the Health and Research sections and some Recipes

  1. Generate an optimized Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) of the document.
    • Open the PDF file and copy the title.
  2. Login to WordPress and Add New Post.
  3. In the Title field, paste the title copied from the PDF file.
  4. In the Publish block, update the date fields so they correlate with the publish date of the document.
  5. In the Categories list, scroll to the Research subcategories and click the boxes related to the article.
  6. In the Author block, choose the most appropriate author. Previous research article authors are listed as Anna Peerbolt.
  7. In the text editing block, type or copy the subtitle of the article and paste it into the text field.
    1. Set it as a Headline 2.
    2. Copy the Title text.
    3. Click the Upload/Insert icon to upload the PDF file.
    4. Paste the title you copied into the upload Title field.
    5. Click the Save All Changes button.
  8. Click the HTML tab at the top of the Editing Screen.

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