Adding images to the 3 home-page boxes

Design and Optimize

  1. Find an appropriate section of a photo and crop to that area.
  2. Add a layer mask and remove the background with the eraser and/or marquee.
    • Save the file as .PSD (Photoshop).
  3. Use the File->Save for Web options:
    1. Change the File format to .PNG-24.
    2. Resize the image so it is no wider than 110 pixels.
  4. Save the image.


  1.  Use the Upload/Insert button to add the mini image to the Media Library.
  2. Click Show to revise the Title and Alternative Text.
    1. Copy the path to the file, starting just after /wp-content/uploads/
    2. Remove all other formatting.
    3. Click Save all Changes.
  3. Do NOT insert into Post.


  1. The code for linking the image to the box is located in the Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets->Footer Widgets box.
  2. Replace the path to the file in the existing text widget with the new path. For example the red file path:
    • <img class="mini" src="/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/schedeens-julie-sunflowers-focus.png" alt="Schedeen Farm" ...
  3. gets replaced with:
    • <img class="mini" src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/farmername-detail.png" alt="Schedeen Farm" ...
  4. Also, change the alt=”” to match the new farmer name.


If the excerpt that is automatically provided in the box does not fit, then add an edited version in the Excerpt block of the editing screen. If you do not see that block to edit, click the Screen Options tab at the top and choose Excerpt.

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