Berry Puree

Three different puree methods simplify the addition of nutritious and versatile berries to many recipes!

1 cup of fresh or whole frozen raspberries or blackberries will yield ½ cup of puree.

Food Strainer and Spatula method

  1. Heat desired amount of berries (fresh or frozen) in a saucepan until juices are released and berries are softened.
  2. Put berries in a mesh food strainer on top of a non reactive bowl and press with the blade of the plastic spatula until only pulp that is mostly seeds remain.
  3. Scrape underside of the sieve with spatula to release all puree.
Food Mill method

  1. Place fresh or thawed frozen berries in the hopper of a food mill fitted with an extra fine screen size.
  2. Place food mill on top of a glass or non-reactive metal bowl.
  3. Turn handle to strain puree.
Blender method

  1. Blend fresh or thawed frozen berries for 20 seconds.
  2. Press mixture through a mesh sieve using a plastic spatula.
  3. Heating is not needed.
  4. If a sweetened puree is desired add 2 tablespoons of sugar per cup of whole berries, after straining.

Hints for using berry purée

  • Spoon a small pool of sweetened berry puree in the center of a dessert plate.
  • Top with a serving of pastry – cake, cheesecake, pie or tart.
  • Mix berry puree with teriyaki or barbeque sauce for a delicious marinade for meats.
  • Add berry puree to wine or champagne for a festive occasion.
  • Make berry butter by mixing lightly sweetened berry puree with softened butter.
  • Spread on rolls, muffins, waffles or French toast. Mix berry puree with prepared lemonade to make berry lemonade.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon per 8-ounce glass.
  • Make children’s Popsicles by mixing lightly sweetened berry puree with plain or sweetened yogurt and freezing in Popsicle molds or small paper cups with wooden sticks inserted. Freeze overnight.

Berry Puree

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