Genuine Oregon Berry Certification

Genuine Oregon Berry Certification SealsThe Genuine Oregon Blackberry and Genuine Oregon Marionberry Certification program is overseen by the Oregon Department of Agriculture to assure buyers that each certified box of either blackberries or Marionberries contains 100% Oregon grown berries in the type indicated on the box or bag label. View the movie.

No substitutions will be allowed, so buyers may be certain of the highest quality product and be sure that the berries can be traced back to the Oregon fields they they are grown in.

Genuine Oregon Berry Certification CD CoverOregon berry growers and packers who pack genuine Oregon blackberries and Marionberries are proud of the high standards that these berries are grown under and are working with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to make sure that this certification program will give end users of their berries the confidence that they are purchasing the premium Oregon berries they expect.

Be sure to ask for “Genuine Oregon Blackberries and Genuine Marionberries” and look for the Certification Seal on the box.