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The region has the perfect climate for berries with wet,

cool springs lasting well into June and hot summer days with cool nights that let the berries stay on the vine for the perfect sweetness and great taste. This ideal terrain has made Oregon raspberries and blackberries the most sought after berries in the world. Oregon produces 85% of the nation’s blackberries and blackberry varieties, 95% of the nation’s black raspberries, 50% of the Boysenberries and 10% of the red raspberries harvested commercially in the US.

Oregon caneberries are grown for taste and not shipping. They are never harvested green and shipped across the globe. Only 5% of Oregon berries are harvested fresh with the remaining 95% being processed for year-round availability. The over 500 berry growers in Oregon operate small to mid-sized farms, many of which have been in families for generations. Oregon processors have technologically advanced facilities that take berries, only hours from harvest, from fresh to frozen in minutes.

Oregon has always been a leader in the development of new berry varieties and additionally has developed state of the art tracking programs for its berries to assure the highest food safety standards. Combine the good manufacturing practices of Oregon processors with the good agricultural practices of our berry farmers and you have a winning combination for great sales.

Healthy eating is at the forefront of the minds of most consumers today. Oregon berries are an excellent addition to any product and will bring high levels of fiber, antioxidants and anthocyanins to any formulation. Recent studies have shown that blackberries are the number one antioxidant food per serving compared to over 1100 other foods. The natural pigmentation of berries like the black raspberry mean that products made with Oregon berries do not have to contain artificial colorants.

Oregon berries make the perfect compliment to any gourmet restaurant application. Fresh or individually quick frozen raspberries and blackberries add zest, color appeal and Oregon terroir to savory as well as sweet dishes. Chefs can add a note of sophistication with a Marionberry Port sauce or spice things up with a raspberry chipotle glaze. The high quality of genuine Oregon berries are guaranteed to please the most sophisticated palate.