Chef Focus: Danielle Budio of Papa Haydn’s

Pastry Chef Danielle Budio

Travel to the lovely SE Portland neighborhood of Sellwood and you will find a gem of a bakery as well a renown restaurant, Papa Haydn’s.

The small café was opened in 1978 and was actually the home to Portland’s first espresso machine.  After a large remodel in 2007 they reopened with a full bar, full kitchen and an inviting patio.  There isn’t an actual Papa Haydn running the show, the name  was inspired from the 18th-century classical composer, Franz Joseph Haydn.  He was a Viennese composer, regarded as the father of the symphony and supposedly had kindly fatherly qualities. Vienna inspired many of the delicious pastries they serve at Papa Haydn’s and  viola it all all comes together!

Pastry Chef Danielle BudioDanielle Budio, now the Executive Pastry Chef at Papa Haydn’s did not sit down for the interview, she  made Oregon raspberry sauce while we had the pleasure of talking with her about baking some of Portland’s best desserts using Oregon berries.  Download the Oregon Raspberry Sauce recipe.

Tell us about your history as a pastry chef?

I moved from Nebraska 2004 to attended Western Culinary Institute for the specific reason of becoming pastry chef.  I started at the Papa Hayden’s West location right out of school in 2005 and am now the head pastry chef for both Papa Hayden’s locations.  I have always had a passion for desserts.

How do you use Oregon blackberries & raspberries in the fall and winter?

We always use Oregon raspberries in our signature raspberry topping. The berries come in a puree form and are sourced from Fairview Oregon. It’s a very simple recipe you can make at home to be served hot or cold depending on what you are serving it with.  You can purchase the sauce in a jar any of the Papa Haydn’s restaurants, Zupans, select New Seasons. We also do chocolate and caramel sauces in house.

During the fall and winter we also serve our mixed berry cobbler that uses frozen Oregon raspberries, blackberries and blueberries & panna cotta featuring Oregon raspberries in it.

With the holidays coming up what types of desserts are you featuring?  Anything with berries in them?

Pastry Chef Danielle Budio

This holiday season we will be featuring a walnut cranberry tart with grand mariner mascarpone & a pumpkin maple mascarpone which is a pumpkin cake with maple mascarpone filling and finished with chantilly cream.  It’s a layer cake and is gorgeous.  You can order a whole cake or tart for the holidays or just come in for a slice.  Calling either of the restaurants to place your order is the best option.  Nothing with berries featured for the holidays but we have cakes, pies and cobbler with Oregon berries in them.

What do you use Oregon raspberries or blackberries in during the fresh berry season?

We source all of our berries in the summer from local farms from the greater Portland area.  The boccone dolce is the signature dessert during the summer.  It is a layer of baked Swiss meringue, whip cream, drizzled with chocolate and fresh Oregon berries.  We also featured a blackberry lime tart this year that was really outstanding.  We used Chester blackberries in this dessert because of the mild sweeter flavor of the variety.  Last summer we had a raspberry tart with mascarpone base, Champagne cake and raspberry gateau.

Why do you prefer to use Oregon berries?

The flavor by far.  All of the Oregon berries have a taste that is so much more intense, different and beautiful than any other berries.

What is your favorite flavor pairing with Oregon blackberries and raspberries?

Things are always changing in the bakery and we are always coming up with new pairings.  This summer we did a blackberry basil meringue, raspberry pink pepper corn meringue, and raspberry poppy seed meringue that turned out very nice.

Do you have any tips when baking with Oregon berries?

Using frozen Oregon berries is always good.  Even in the summer I recommend baking with frozen berries.  They bake a little better because they hold the shape of the berry, when your baking pies the berries can get mushy and when you use frozen they retain the beautiful shape.

What is your favorite item to make at home with Oregon berries?
Crisps because they are easy and you can eat them with ice cream.  I prefer vanilla with my crisp.

What do you like to do when your not baking delicious desserts ?

In the small amount of free time I have, I love to hang out at the park playing games with my son.

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