Cook Off: Oregon Berry Recipe Contest

To kick off the berry blog I thought it would be perfect to challenge all of you out there in cyberland to a berry cook off! That’s right, a contest to see who has the very best recipe using Oregon berries fresh from the freezer.  It can be a fancy gourmet dish you save for elegant dinner parties or it could be a down home treat you whip up for your family on a regular basis.  I know there are lots of creative minds out there and I can’t wait to see what you do with this. Email the recipe to me.


What’s in it for you me, you say? Well I wouldn’t throw down the gauntlet without a suitable reward, so the top three winners will get some great prizes, including a copy of The Berry Bible by Portland author Janie Hibler, the book that has so many berry recipes it makes your head spin, a set of adorable berry note cards, some delicious Oregon berry jam and syrup and bragging rights to being the top berry chef of the season.

Get Started

To get you started here is one of my favorite dinner party recipes, because it can all be made the day before, and is so amazing your guests will think you had a pastry chef make it for you.

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