Login, Update Profile, set Roles

Registration and Login

Users of this site must be registered (see the Administrator) before they can login. If you have been provided a userID and password please store this information in a easily accessible BUT SECURE location.

  1. Using Chrome (best), Safari, FireFox, or IE 9 (IE 8, 7, and 6 not recommended), navigate to http://oregon-berries.com.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Login.
  3. If you are already logged in, click the Site Admin link instead.
  4. When you login to the Site Admin/Dashboard for the first time, please update your Profile.

Rearrange the Dashboard Screen

The Dashboard screen includes more information than you need, so, when you first login to the site, update the Screen Options tab to include just these feature blocks:

  • Recent Comments, so you can edit, publish, delete, or mark as spam.
  • Incoming Links, so you can see who links to your site.
  • Recent Drafts, so you know what to edit and publish.
  • Google Analytics, so you view the traffic overview.

Update Profile

  1. Login.
  2. Click the Users → Your Profile.
  3. Review each field to see if your preferences are set to your liking.
    • At the very least, your name and email address must be accurate.
  4. Update your email address, job title, description, etc. as needed in the future.
  5. If you update the password for your account, it MUST be secure. Use the strength indicator to achieve a secure sequence of numbers, special characters, and upper and lower case letters.
    • This is very important.
    • We cannot afford to have the site obliterated due to an easy-to-hack password.

Update Role

Newly registered users are set to the Subscriber Role. To provide more privileges, the Administrator(s) can set a user’s Role to the following (WordPress Codex 2011):

  • Administrators have access to all the administration features.
  • Editors can publish and manage Posts and Pages as well as manage other users’ Posts, etc.
  • Authors  can publish and manage their own Posts.
  • Contributors can write and manage their Posts but not publish them. They can be published by an Editor or Administrator.
  • Subscribers  can only manage their profile.

 Re-arrange Editing Screens

To be most efficient when editing Pages and Posts and to make the most of phone support, please arrange feature blocks in this orientation:

Wordpress Editing Screen setup

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