Oregon Berries

Diagram of a caneberry

Welcome to the land of the perfect caneberry. That’s right. We said “caneberry.”

Whether you know what they are or not, Oregon was built to grow ‘em. Caneberries are berries that grow on a cane, like raspberries, blackberries, Marionberries, and Boysenberries. You know them all by their charming bumpy texture and sweet, juicy taste.

As much as Oregonians might complain about the rain (oh, and they do love to complain about the rain), it’s that rain that makes the soil so rich and fertile…perfect for growing the finest caneberries in the world.

Go ahead…find your favorite caneberry and learn a little more about it. If you want to know more, come to Oregon and watch it while it grows. Just bring an umbrella.
Raspberry versus Blackberry