Berries All Year ~ Harvest Dates

Berry Field with farmers and equipment at sunsetWhen you think of berries, you think of summer, right? Cartons of fresh, sweet berries at the farmer’s market, summer berry smoothies, and kids happily ringing their bike bells with sweet-sticky, berry-stained fingers.

Well, berries aren’t just for summer anymore. Lots of varieties of fresh-frozen berries now grace your grocer’s freezer, ready to be used for baking, to top your cereal, or even as a sweet frozen treat. And because they’re quick frozen, their texture and taste are perfectly preserved to bring you summer, anytime.

Additionally, you can always find your favorite berry in year-round products like jams and jellies, yogurt, breakfast bars and even wine and liqueur. And since their antioxidant qualities follow them wherever they go, why not make them a year-round staple?

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