School Food Service

Child learning about RaspberriesIt’s not easy to keep turning out great food for school children, day after day, week after week, month after hungry month. Unless of course, you use Pacific Northwest berries to give your menu a big, bright lift.

Colorful, juicy berries give you a secret weapon against meal-time boredom. Everyone loves the taste, and you’ll appreciate how easy these fresh-tasting gems are to use. And what’s more, Pacific Northwest berries are available all year round.

They come conveniently packaged and ready for use with your existing kitchen equipment. Just pop them into baked goods to add flair to your menu. Cobblers jammin’ with bright fruit; muffins packed with whole berries; juicy, fruity quick breads that disappear as soon you serve them.

But don’t stop there. Mix berries with applesauce and add a new twist to this perennial favorite. Blend them with fruit juice or pour them over soft-serve and give your hungry hordes a tasty surprise.

Pacific Northwest berries are an excellent source of fiber and are loaded with vitamin C. They help you meet participation goals and, when used according to specifications, berries are an economical and appealing way to boost the nutrient value of your menus.

So put some Red Raspberries, Blackberries or Marionberries on your menu today, and stand back. The crowds aren’t far behind.