Who are you calling a Cream Puff?

red raspberry cream puff recipe Valentine’s Day is the time to treat yourself and those you love to the kind of luscious dessert usually found at your local gourmet restaurant. But let’s face it most of us don’t have the time to prepare multi-step, big deal dishes no matter how much we yearn to carve out time in our lives to do it.

These delectable red raspberry cream puffs are the kind of versatile dish that can be done either from scratch or half way from scratch or bought completely done and only topped lovingly with red raspberries and whipped cream! I know you will love this flexibility if you are anything like me and can barely predict what life will toss your way in the next hour much less plan a dessert for Valentine’s Day. If you are really pinched for time and want to purchase frozen cream puffs, make the red raspberry sauce from this recipe and spoon it on top adding a spritz of canned whipped cream no one is going to complain. They will be too busy eating.

You could also buy frozen cream puff shells fill them with the whipped cream filling in the recipe, make the red raspberry sauce and once again a culinary masterpiece will be declared by one and all.

Just supposing that by some small miracle you have lots of time I really recommend making the cream puffs yourself. They are actually quite easy, just requiring a bit of elbow grease in stirring the batter as you add the eggs and you get the satisfaction of feeling a bit like Julia Child as you master what the French call Pate au Choux. This ability will open you up to the world of profiteroles, croquembuches, beignets and other impossible to resist pastries.

Whichever way you choose to do this recipe, remember the words of the bard.

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